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Here's a library of our downloads to help find a WuHoo

It's pretty satisfying showing our home to friends, family and travelers, and even more important knowing the interesting places to show them. So we are working on a list to help you find Timaru's attractions, their history and some fun facts along the way. Best of all, it's free.

Our suggestion would be start with the Timaru Scenic Drive and then do WuHoo Challenges along the way. Visit the Timaru Information Center or South Canterbury Museum to pick up your free copy or download and print. We love the blend of the past and the present, seeing the development of the area, our Districts heritage and character. Timaru has heaps of parks, beaches, forests, wetlands, walks, biking trails, short drives. Maybe when you get back to your arm chair, you might like to print off some colourful facts to increase your awareness of our heritage, environment, arts, culture and every day lives.


Timaru Scenic Drive
There are lots of WuHoo's to find along the way! And apart from some petrol and a picnic, it's all free! Connect to our Art, Culture, History and Environment with our free Timaru Scenic Drive to explore: Heritage Place, Timaru Botanic Gardens, Pātītī Point, Ōtipua Wetlands & Saltwater Creek, Centennial Park, Waitarakao Washdyke Lagoon, Blackett Lighthouse, Caroline Bay, Aigantighe Art Gallery and South Canterbury Museum Pioneer Hall. 
Download: Timaru Scenic Route.pdf 


Find Council playgrounds across the Timaru District. Can you find all 43? in Timaru Pleasant Point | Temuka Geraldine Rangitata Huts 
Download: Play43 Challenge.pdf


Scavenger Hunts


Did you know that Timaru District has around 60 public artworks and statues? 
Download A4 Challenge.pdf |  Map.pdf 
Download A3 Sculpture Hunt Map.pdf


Scavenger Hunt
Find a trail of Brass Rubbing Trail plaques along Benvenue Cliffs & Caroline Bay & Museum: Lighthouse, Shipwrecks, Whaling Try Pot, Strathallan Immigrant Ship, Rocket Brigade, Sound Shell, Hector’s Dolphin 
Download A4.pdf 
Download A3.pdf


Spy100 Caroline Bay Scavenger Hunt
You can pick up a free copy from The South Canterbury Museum and the Timaru Information Center, or download a free printer friendly version: 
Download (print friendly) A4.pdf 
Download A3 print files: P1.pdf | P2.pdf


Scavenger Hunt
Complete our Scavenger Hunt Challenges to find out what kind of explorer you are. As well as 7 activities, there is also a handy map to find your way to new corners of the gardens that you may not have explored before. 
Download  A4 print friendly files: 

Download A3 print file: Hunt-.pdf



Heritage Hunts

Timaru CBD Heritage Hunt
Download A4.pdf



Ōtipua Wetlands and the Coastal Track map
Download A4.pdf



Colourful Fact Sheets 


1868 Timaru CBD Fire
Colouring sheet with Intresting facts
Download Complex.pdf


Gardens Birds
Colouring sheet with Intresting facts
Download Complex.pdf  |  Simple.pdf


Bees vary in shape and size, prefer different foods and behave differently. Each is best at pollinating different plants. Healthy bee diversity assists resilient and diverse plant life, including the food we eat... learn how to be a bee ambassador
Download: Bees.pdf


The Long-Tailed Bat 
Long-tailed bats used to be common throughout New Zealand in the 1800s, although by 1900-1930 they were becoming scarce in many districts. Ever wondered how to spot one or how to be a bat ambassador?
Download: Long-Tailed Bat.pdf


The Strathallan
Over 160 years ago, Timaru’s first ship of immigrants arrived. Ever wondered what they experienced and what they found when they got here?
Download: Strathallan.pdf


Blackett Timaru Lighthouse
Heritage Listed and iconic lighthouse of Timaru that has a interesting connection to Timarus' story


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