We are working on new inspriation to find a WuHoo at home.

Please follow the Government rules strictly so we can keep each other safe. Some of the activities we have suggested in the past on our website and social media may not be appropriate while we all work together to slow the spread of Covid-19 at Level 4. We can still have fun at home, and we have some ideas in the pipelines. Thank you for your support to WuHoo and doing the right thing by our community to stop the spread. Official Government website is here: https://covid19.govt.nz/


Have you been looking for ways to connect with your mind and emotions? As you know, reading and writing poetry is so much more than rhymes, sequence and expanding your linguistic capabilities. Poetry can be emotional and engage your heart. 

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The Aigantighe Art Gallery have an awesome request... Share your portrait. A selection of submitted portraits or selfies from 2020 lockdown will be used in a future exhibition! So get creative and share your creations with hash tags in your post on Facebook and Instagram #aagportraits #aigantigheartgallery # aigantighe #aigantighegallery or email the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you want some inspiration, check out the portraits from the Gallery’s collection here: aigantighe.co.nz/the-gazing-eye

In this photo is a drawing our 5 year old made this morning in her PJs while I sat opposite her and drew a self portrait using pencil (I found it quite confronting staring a photos of my face!) My drawing ended up looking a bit chaotic which is pretty much how I have been feeling over this stay home period. Hope you are all going okay in your bubbles. Creating can be a wonderful stress release. We would love to see what you are creating while you are at home.

Ever walked past a house and wondered who lived there? Maybe your home has some history that you would like to investigate? Or maybe you have heard about ordinary or famous people and wondered what it was like to live in their home... Learning about our history, arts and culture helps us learn about ourselves. We believe that a strong sense of identy goes a long way to our personal wellbeing. So here at WuHoo Timaru we are keen to help inspire you to find your own WuHoo. Your own investigating can be done from a computer or phone at home. 

You could investigate...

  • When was it built? 
  • What style is it built in? 
  • What materials is it made out of? 
  • Has it been extended or altered?
  • Who were the previous owners? 

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Make something sentimental. Can you create an artwork celebrating your homes history? This was drawn by Roselyn Cloake in her 20s. It's of the house where her father grew up in Fairview. Her grandparents raised their family here and then her aunt and uncle moved in and raised theirs. Some may recognize it as the lovely 1908 late Victorian villa with rolled veranda and weather board on Fairview Road, Timaru where they used to buy their creamed clover Cloakes Honey. Roselyn gave this to her auntie and uncle as a gift one year. It conjours so many wonderful memories for her of where her family came together for weddings, reunions, birthdays and the passing of loved ones. It has been carefully maintained and extended over the years with thoughtful details that celebrates the homes architectural heritage, and has a wonderful garden including special roses. This is a home where Roselyn's heart is.

We've got a WuHoo Challenge for you: Show us your Home Hut...

Go old school and use chairs and blankets, or use what you have at home. Make a hut for toys, or pets... We constructed this with our girls. Who do you nominate? Show us your huts on our Facebook Page: facebook.com/WuHooTimaru Use the hash tag: #homehutchallenge #findawuhoo


Find some flowers in your backyard, place them flat between paper towels and place in a book under a pile of heavy books. Apparently you can speed up the drying process by a placing the book in a microwave for a minute at a time, we can't test it here, maybe you could try it for us? Love to see photos of your WuHoo at home.  #FindaWuHooAtHome #flowerchallenge

What can you create with an egg carton? We made an ANZAC wreath inspired by post we shared earlier. Cut the carton up so you have little cups, paint red with black center. Cut a ring out of a cardboard box, paint and stick the egg carton flowers to the ring. Thought we'd hang this off our mailbox on ANZAC Day. #FindAWuHooAtHome #EggCartonChallenge

What can you create with cardboard? @TravelWevil sent us a great idea to create Where's Wally characters. We are going to hide these each night for the kids to hunt in the morning. And our 5 year old is going to hide hers in her room each night for us to find in the morning. (Have you seen the social distancing Wally? it's hilarious, we'll add a link in the comments). We would love to see what you create with cardboard. Post your pics to Facebook with the hash tags: #BoxChallenge #FindAWuHooAtHome