WuHoo Signs: We are working on a project to create and install signs across the district with images from the Aigantighe Art Galleries permanent collection, local poetry, social history tales and images from the museum. Once a network is established we hope to have a scavenger hunt/map to encourage locals and visitors to explore and find them all. The first pilot signs are planned for the Coastal Track at Patiti Point and Caroline Bay. 

Learn more about the signs here: aigantighe.co.nz 


Aigantighe brings art to our environment

Aigantighe Art Gallery, the Friends of the Aigantighe and WuHoo Timaru are launching a new programme to get artworks out into the community and the environments that inspire it.

The partners will soon be installing a series of five signs along the Timaru Coast, mainly at Caroline Bay and Patiti Point which will feature artworks from the Aigantighe Art Gallery Permanent Collection that relate to the location of the sign and its surroundings.
Aigantighe Exhibitions Curator, Hamish Pettengell, said that the pilot project is a great way to get the collection out into the community and beyond the four walls of the gallery.
“Much of the art of South Canterbury is influenced by the amazing environment that we live in, so this summer the Aigantighe and the Friends have decided to bring out art out into these environments.
“The signs will feature reproductions of historical artworks, with explanatory text and historical images from the South Canterbury Museum’s collection giving the artworks greater context.
“This is a pilot project, and if it’s well received this year it’s something we could look at expanding throughout the District.”
The group WuHoo Timaru, which has already created a selection of free family activities in Timaru is creating a ‘treasure hunt’ map showing the locations of the signs. They have previously created the sculpture trail and the botanic gardens treasure hunt.

The signs have been created with the help of local businesses. Thompson Construction & Engineering and Geraldine Signs created the signs, Mitre 10 Mega donated materials, John Rushton Architects have organised the install of the signs with Gallagher Trade Building Ltd, Vetta Online gifted the NFC tags and other businesses have gifted their time.
“As one of the New Zealand’s major public Art Galleries it’s important that we go beyond just displaying artworks in the Aigantighe, it’s about always finding new ways to get people to experience art and the colour and vibrancy it brings our District.”

Website: WuHooTimaru.co.nz  Instagram/WuHooTimaru  Facebook/WuHooTimaru