Find a WuHoo in Timaru Te Tihi-O-Maru... Got family and friends visiting? Or want to have a look around by car? Here is a route round town that will give you a great overview ot Timaru and it's history...
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1. Heritage Place - GEORGE ST 

2. Timaru Botanic Gardens - QUEEN ST

3. Patiti Point- SOUTH ST

4. Otipua Wetlands & Saltwater Creek - STATE HIGHWAY 1 SOUTH OF TIMARU 

5. Centennial Park - OTIPUA RD

6. Waitarakao Washdyke Lagoon - BRIDGE ST 

7. Blackett Lighthouse - BENVENUE AVE

8. Caroline Bay - VIRTUE AVE

9. Aigantighe Art Gallery - WAI-ITI RD

10. South Canterbury Museum Pioneer Hall - PERTH ST


Collection of significant and protected trees, a hot house, fernery, and the Species Rose Garden. Pick up a free Scavenger Hunt at the Education Center and Conservatory.

Can you find: a very old cabbage tree in the entrance that was here before the Gardens were established.

Did you know: deer used to live in this area.

Take on the Challenge: Pose with Robbie Burns statue paid for by local people, and post a selfie with #FoundAWuHoo.

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Where the whalers had a station, a site of significance for Māori, and the site of Peeress Town for early settlers

Can you find: a pot for boiling blubber. When was this site used as an early whaling station?

Can you read: the WuHoo Art History signs.

Did you know: the picnic area was a community project, see the Rotary logo on the arch.

Take on the Challenge:  Pose with view, and post a selfie with #FoundAWuHoo.

Find free fun reading: WuHoo Art History Signs, walk/bike the Hector’s Coastal Track.

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An important habitat. This is a significant area for Māori who used to gather their kai (food) from the area.

Did you know: A huge restoration effort was put in by local volunteers. 19 hectares were gifted back to the Timaru District Council in 2016. The area was planned as an airport

Can you find: Spy Ancient basalt lava rock wall from the flow from Mt Horrible.

Can you read: the signs about some of the wildlife in the area? Royal spoonbills, pied stilts, swans, chestnut breasted shelducks, scaup, mallard and paradise ducks, white and white-faced herons, pukekos, cormorants and black billed gulls.

Take on the Challenge:  Pose with view, and post a selfie with #FoundAWuHoo.

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Former quarry, walking and mountain biking tracks and picnic spot

Thanks to a huge effort by volunteers and the City Council, the area looks amazing.

Can you find: Basalt bridges (far end)

Did you know: Moa bones baked beneath 14m of solidified lava were discovered in 1889.

Can you follow: the tracks from train that transported basalt boulders to build the harbour.

Take on the Challenge:  Swing on the Maori pole swing, and post a selfie with #FoundAWuHoo.

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Smithfeild freezing works, and Waitarakao (Washdyke Lagoon): 

Did you know: This is a significant area for Māori who used to gather their kai (food) from the area.

Can you see: Washdyke creek where early settler George Rhodes from, Levels Station, used to dip his sheep.

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The public swimming pool, Lighthouse and views across the bay. The street and cliff is named after the ships that was wrecked on this cliff.

Did you know:  It was erected in 1878 at the top of the Terrace, No. 7, for a cost of £350 with a keepers house. It's light was able to be seen about fourteen miles nautical miles in clear weather. In March 1878 Captain Meredith was appointed by the Harbour Board to the position of lighthouse-keeper, at a salary of 50 guineas per annum. In 1980 the Timaru Harbour Board moved the tower to Benvenue Street, Maori Park. and it was then shifted again in 2010 several hundred metres down the street, across the rail track to Benvenue Cliffs.

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Paddling Pool, Penguin Watch, Playground, Sculptures, Rose Garden, Dunes and Boardwalk, WuHoo Signs and WW1 and Victoria Cross Memorials 

Take on the Challenge: take in the view from the Boardwalk look out, and post a selfie with #FoundAWuHoo.

Did you know: the sea used to splash all of these cliffs until the the Port was established and changed the long shore drift, fine sand built up over a century ago creating an artificial shallow and sandy bay. 

Pick up a free: WuHoo Caroline Bay Scavenger hunt from the information center or museum.

Can you find: the war memorial wall

Smell the Roses: in one of the largest collection of heritage roses in the Southern Hemisphere. End of November to the beginning of December is when the garden is at its peak. Do the tea rose smell like tea? Can you find the woman in an arm rest? How many instruments can you find the peony garden? Who is the garden named after?

Can you paddle: in a shallow sandy bay with a pontoon and slide, or dip your toes in the paddling pool at the playground? The first slides, sea-saws, cradle swings, and flying fox were set up around 1904.

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Take on the Challenge: and hug the Burnett Oak planted to mark the area that they camped on their journey to the MacKenzie Country in 1861. Post a selfie with #FoundAWuHoo.

Did you know: Pioneer Hall building was designed by South Canterbury architect Ron Doig, opened on December 10, 1966. The land was a bequest from The Burnett family.

Can you walk: throuh the Kate Shepard Garden and plaque, flowers purple and white - the colours of the Suffragists

While you are here: Visit the memorial for the Benvenue Wreck and information signs. Check out Stafford Street - Street art, Public Art and Statues and Heritage Buildings, Timaru Library, Museum, Council Building 

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