Centennial Park ZigZag

Bounce like a kangaroo up the stairs


  • Swings x2 
  • Maypole swing (up to 4 persons)



  • None immediately at playground site
  • Rubbish bins at top and bottom of zig zag
  • Gym equipment at top of zig zag
  • Adjacent BMX track at bottom of zig zag
  • Art sculputre up the hill at bit
  • Lots of tree's, bush areas, birds, topography



At playground

  • Count the stairs taking you to the playground
  • Hop like a kangaroo up the stairs
  • Breathe deeply after all that hopping
  • Explore the bush behind the playground and find the rock walls
  • Think about what this area was used for before it was a scenic reserve?
  • Find a tree with reddy/pink bark
  • Run fast in a circle with a maypole swing then leap on
  • Stand on the maypole swing
  • Lie on the grass near the bush and listen to the birds. How many different bird calls can you hear?
  • Spy from the playground area
    • A large wooden cross
    • The word "begins"
    • A power pole
    • 7 skinny poplars in a row from afar
    • 11 wooden posts in a row
  • Sneak the closest to a bird without it flying away
  • Twirl while you swing in circles on the maypole (mum or dad could help swing you round)
  • Slide down the steep grass bank by the maypole (need a caregiver catching and spotting at the bottom!)


Exploring the zig zag

  • Find Bowkers gate and his elm tree
  • Leap like a frog around the elm tree trunk
  • Sit on a long bench against the boundary fence, be peaceful and enjoy the view
  • can you see the mountains today?
  • Stretch on some gym gear
  • Find a hollow tree near a place to exercise
  • Tell a story about the moon in a seat the shape of a crescent
  • Can you see the moon in the sky today?
  • Find a tree for a king